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Mogul’s Insight : Sole Passion

Mogul Juice Ndlouv A great HipHop song can sometimes be compared to a dope pair of sneakers. Some songs, just like some sneakers are timeless!! Ask the real HipHop heads, the ball players and the sneaker collectors; they would definitely attest that the marriage between HipHop and Basketball is brought closer together by fresh kicks and dope verses!!! Some players, just like rappers, have a bigger effect than others where some are just there to help us measure the depth between the best and the rest. One name that comes up the most in conversations relating to HipHop and Basketball
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Pau Gasol leads remnants of Spain’s greatest generation into final

“I’m getting old,” Rudy Fernandez says with a smile, pointing to his aching back. Seated a few yards away, longtime running mate Pau Gasol courts attention, the grey hairs sprinkled throughout his craggy beard. Moments later, Felipe Reyes comes into the room, wrinkles drawn out beneath his eyes. Once, the trio peered into the future together as Spain’s young guns, harboring big dreams and lofty goals. Now, over a decade later, they are the past masters, deservedly satisfied with what they have accomplished, in unison and apart. Sunday, in northern France, the band of brothers has the opportunity to write
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