At LOQdown we believe that Sport is a tool that prepared you for the challenge which is LIFE.

We believe that good health, mental toughness & physical vitality are imperative to the growth of individuals but particularly amongst the Youth.

These are the main tiers that have propelled us to do what we do. The ability of Sports to get one into the mental pocket of success, competition, training, dedication, preparation and sportsmanship.

These are all VITAL for ALL facets do life. Not just sport. For everyone with dreams & goals, LOQdown is for you. It’s bigger than Sport. It’s belief that you can go BEYOND any physical or mental barriers.

This mentality is something that is in YOUR hands. You determine what you want. You determine what you do with your Gifts. You determine what you want your story to be. It’s your life: THE GAME IS YOURS.

#TheGameIsMine – This is LOQdowns tagline

No matter what the exterior challenges might look like, the major key to your being great is YOU. The “GAME” is in your hands. It belongs to YOU.

Just as is the case in Sports, you need to believe in yourself & work hard at it & you will get the results that you put in. YOU DETERMINE THAT.

So look into the mirror and say: The Game Is Mine

Onkgopotse “KP” Ndlovu